Sort Your Shit Out!

"Sort your Shit out!"


Are you playing victim, constantly playing small or just don't really feel like you are living your best life, and you don't really know why?

I've been there! I've been in that pity party, I didn't just visit, I fully camped out down there until one day I'd had enough! I'd had enough of myself, my crap, my situation and my "story" and I changed it literally over night, and you can too!

In fact, I'm going to show you how to do it the easy way, rather than the way I did, because I learnt it all the hard way! Why put yourself through being "less than" any longer! I can help you see the light through the trees and help shift you out of your shit in this 6 week course!

Course Outline

  1. Intro / Foundations
  2. You don’t have to sit on the Cactus - Awareness / Over-coming Chaos
  3. Are you fucking kidding me? -Belief Systems
  4. What are you really here for? - Decisions
  5. You are not alone! – Relationships, connections and community
  6. Make this work in your everyday life - Integration

You will receive access to a private Facebook Group and 6 x weekly zoom calls that will be run live each Tuesday night at 8.30pm NZT starting November 14 2023.

Wanna sort your shit out before the New Year, then this is for you!